10 Things You Shouldn’t Believe About California

We’ve already discussed whether or not you should leave California. So why not the 10 things people like to say about California that just aren’t really true?

10. California is Just Los Angeles and San Francisco

People tend to think of California as either just one big Los Angeles, or just one big Los Angeles with…oh yeah…San Francisco is there, too. California is in fact an incredibly geographically diverse state. Sure, a general Northern California/Southern California distinction does exist, but even that only scratches the surface of the many sides of California

9. Californians Are Constantly Plagued by Earthquakes

They do happen and they are serious. But for most of us not living on the fault lines, they don’t impact our lives ever.

8. California is Horrendously Expensive Everywhere

Yes, it is expensive, and more expensive than average. However, there are plenty of affordable places to live if you are looking for them.

7. California is Always Warm

The coldest winter Mark Twain ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. Although southern California can stay temperate most of the year, the rest of California does get cold. Sure, not THAT cold (for the most part). But it does get cold. So bring a sweater.

6. Californians All Work in Tech or Film

There are plenty of jobs here, just like anywhere. Film and Tech just make up two sectors of a very bustling economy.

5. Californians Are Horrible Drivers

We may have the most accidents, but we are also the most populous state. On a per capita basis, California is actually ranked 38th worst drivers. I’m not sure where the “Californian’s suck at driving” thing came from. Have you been to a parking garage in Seattle?

4. Everybody Surfs

Most people actually don’t surf. I know very few Californian’s who actually surf. I’m sorry. That’s just the way it is. Honestly, most people here don’t even go to the beach very often.

3. Napa Has the Best Wine

Actually, Napa is often beat out by Lodi now as the region with the best wine. Not to mention Lodi is loads less expensive and way less pretentious. If you want to go wine tasting with nice people who aren’t ripping you off, give Lodi a try.

2. Californians Have Never Seen Snow

Actually, a lot of us live only a few hours away from top ski locations. Whether or not we choose to go there – that’s another matter entirely.

1. Everybody is Tan

Yeah. Just take a walk through the airport when you get here and you’ll realize most of us are too busy trying to make rent to actually get outside for some fresh air, let alone a tan. I think I’ve been properly tanned once in my entire life, and that was when I was a lifeguard (not helping with the California Stereotypes there).


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