5 Lofi Hip Hop Mixes You Need to Listen To

5 Lofi Hip Hop Mixes You Need to Listen To

Today, lofi hip hop has a major following. Thanks in part to Anime, and classics like Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop, an entire generation was exposed to the lofi hip hop subculture. Today, it’s a global phenomenon, with 24/7 streams available for people to gather and listen, study and chat.

While there are so many mixes out there that it would be hard to put together a definitive list of “best” mixes, here are some of our favorites. Not only are these some of the most notable lofi mixes out there, they are also a great starting point if you are new to the world of lofi hip hop.

Lonely Day Lofi Hip Hop Mix

One of my favorite lofi hip hop mixes of all time, The Lonely Day mix has everything quintessential to what makes lofi hip hop great in the minds of millions of adoring fans. The steady, repeating beat changes just often enough to keep you interested, while being repetitive enough to promote study/relaxation.

What really makes this track stand out, however, is the mix-in of memorable quotes from anime and movies.

Nujabes - Luv(sic) [ft. Shing02] ALL PARTS (1-6)

Perhaps the most legendary name in all of lofi hip hop is that of Nujabes. Nujabes was the artist who created the soundtrack for Samurai Champloo and almost single handedly ushered in a new era of DIY music. However, Nujabes’s life was tragically cut short due to a car accident. The music world would never quite be the same again.

In this track, Nujabes and Japanese hip hop artist Shing02 tell several interconnected stories across six different tracks. While each track is distinctly different, the emotional tracks from Nujabes serve to unify the entire album, while Shing02’s lyrics act in one voice. In a strange, slightly obscure way, the hexology tells one story of love, loss, hope and nostalgia.

The first several tracks in Love(sic) were released while Nujabes was alive, with the second half having been released posthumously. Altogether, the album acts as something of a tribute to the late and great artist.

Lofi Girl

The most famous lofi mix as well, Lofi Girl has been a friend to countless studiers and lonely, respite seeking souls since her rapid rise to popularity. Coming here and hoping to actually take part in the chat feature is borderline in possible because at any given time there are countless people adding their thoughts and feelings into the chat box. However, there’s something about listening to something that is “live” along with a lot of other people that makes us feel a little less lonely.

The popularity of Lofi Girl in some ways can be tied to the launch of YouTube’s 24/7 feature, allowing creators to have their music loop endlessly. In a lot of ways, listening to these tracks “live” is a throwback to the old radio days, except with much chiller beats combined with the engrossing, nostalgic anime aesthetic.

Vibes with Aquinas

Launched just this year, vibes with aquinas labels itself as “Catholic Lofi”. Now, putting a brand new track like this up there alongside greats like Nujabes and meme worthy stations like “Lofi Girl” might seem a little naive. However, there’s a reason I think vibes with aquinas marks a notable moment in lofi hip hop history.

Ultimately, as lofi hip hop has become a cultural force, no doubt bolstered recently by the pandemic, more and more subcultures are going to be latching onto the lofi craze. Putting Aquinas into a study, Christian cross hanging on the wall with a modern cityscape behind him, shows an incredible relevance by an institution that is more than 2000 years old, while also shows that today, lofi is not just about Anime – it’s for everybody. And anybody, even a Catholic friar whose been dead for centuries, can ascend and aspire to that ethereal Anime aesthetic.

Cowboy Bebop | Lofi Hiphop & Jazzhop Mix

Last but not least, if you haven’t stumbled upon one of Ambition’s lofi mixes yet, then you should take a listen today. My favorite from Ambition might just be his Cowboy Bebop mix. After all, Cowboy Bebop is one of the reasons why lofi hip hop is as big as it is today, so it’s fitting that we should have an epic lofi tribute to one of the greats.


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