Five Creative Blogging Ideas for the Uninspired


There are plenty of reasons why you might be considering starting a blog. Hey – it’s 2021. Blogging has been around for a long time now. But despite what many naysayers might tell you, that doesn’t mean that your blog can’t still succeed. Sure, the days of posting random ideas on the internet that go viral might be over. But with the right mindset, digital marketing know how and more, you’ll be right on your way to creating a blog people want to read. To get you started on your blogging journey, here are five creative blogging ideas.

Write About What You Know

The age old adage “write what you know” is as much true when it comes to blogging as it ever was about writing in general. Although you can write about what you don’t know (and often will have to if you write professionally), it’s much, much easier to write about what you do know. Oftentimes, writing about a topic you are truly passionate about is just the added ingredient your content needs in order to stand out in a content busy place like the internet.

Think about your favorite topics. Separate them into a few categories. Start writing about them, and see what your audience resonates with.

Document Instead of Creating

A lot of content marketing today is just people writing about their processes. Think about those HGTV shows that get a lot of attention. Some of the most popular ones are just about regular people doing their jobs, and showing how they do their jobs. The same can be said for successful content marketing. By showing instead of telling, you invite your reader into the story, and allow them to share in your experiencing.

Sure, creating good, quality content is always going to be a game changer. But simply documenting your experiences is a solid way to gain an online following for your blog.

Lean Into a Niche

By the 2020s, the internet is already a very big place. It’s hard to rank on the top of Google Searches for broad queries, and honestly it is probably entirely unnecessary to do so. But by specializing in a niche, you can make sure your content gets in front of the right people at exactly the right time. Some of the best blogs out there focus on one niche, and produce regular, quality content around that single theme or topic.

Some of the best podcasts also take this advice to heart. By serving their niche of like minded individuals, they are able to not only build an audience, but create a lucrative income stream, as well.

Write About a Recent Trip

Ever get back from a trip and want to go on it all over again? Why not try writing about the trip you enjoyed so much? Chances are you are telling everyone you know and their brother about it anyways. Turn your story into words and send your family and friends a blog post that summarizes your adventure succinctly. Not only will this save them from the dreaded vacation pics reel, but it will help out your blog.

What you may not realize is that there are people like you out there who are either reminiscing about a trip to that fantastic location you went to, or others who are planning a trip there. Hearing about your experiences might just inspire them for their own trips!

Do a Blogging Deep Dive

Deep dives, or really intense looks into a specific topic, are a great way to get out of your writing funk as well as provide value to your audience. Deep dives give your readers a chance to exit the challenges and banality of their daily existence by diving with you into the ins and outs of a topic you are interested in.

The benefit of a deep dive is that instead of having to do a bunch of peripheral research or thinking about how your topic ties in with modern events, for example, you can instead hone in on just one very specific topic. Oftentimes the more specific the topic the more rewarding the deep dive is!

If you found these ideas helpful, why not make them a part of your monthly content calendar? Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more excellent writing tips like these!


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