Five Reasons Why You Should Play the Witcher 3

Five Reasons Why You Should Play the Witcher 3

With the the Witcher Season 3 release poised for next summer, it’s time to once again get excited about all things The Witcher. And while you may have already binged the TV show, there’s another way to immerse yourself deeper in the world of The Witcher before Henry Cavill reprises the role of Geralt for the last time. That way is to play ‘The Witcher 3’ video game.

But is the Witcher 3 the right game for you? Here are five reasons why you should play the Witcher.

It Picks Up Where the Story Leaves Off

The video game picks up where the main novels leave off. So if you’ve already watched the show and read the books (an impressive feat – the books aren’t super easy to get through), then it’s only natural to play the video game. The game itself, however, provides an alternate ending to the books that is not strictly canon. However, the storytelling is so good and the games so universally loved that to me, it is the real ending of the Witcher.

Fully Immerse Yourself in the Witcher Universe

You can only rewatch Netflix’s Witcher so many times. But while watching both seasons of the Netflix series will take you about 16ish hours, the main quest of The Witcher 3 alone takes 51 hours! And that’s not including the magnificent expansions or side quests. If you absolutely cannot get enough of the Witcher, playing the game is a must.

The Witcher 3 Proves Video Games Can Very Much Be an Art Form

Critics are still very hesitant to admit whether or not video games can be an art form. The storytelling in The Witcher 3, however, should prove that point once and for all. The story you see in The Witcher 3 video game is very much on par with the story you will witness in the Netflix TV show, and probably better than what you get in the books.

So if you’re like me and you play video games more for the story than anything else, The Witcher 3 is the game for you.

The Witcher 3 Isn’t That Innaporpriate

I wouldn’t give a copy of The Witcher 3 to a kid (it’s very much an adult game), but unlike other games it’s not unnecessarily inappropriate. Yeah, there are brothels you can visit but they don’t do anything for you from a game perspective and are a waste of time. There is some nudity and sex scenes but you can skip these if you want and they aren’t gratuitous – most of them are focused on the relationship between the characters and not just on what they’re doing.

The Witcher 3 Makes You Choose

Unlike the boringly morally gray world of Game of Thrones, The Witcher 3, like the Netflix show and its source material, presents a world that very much has a moral code. There is right and wrong in The Witcher 3, and you inevitably have to choose between it.

And that goes beyond the bigger world stuff like killing people or monsters. It has to do with relationships. It’s wrong to lead two women on, and if you try doing that in the game, you’ll end up alone, just like in real life.

In fact, you’ll have to make a lot of choices while playing through The Witcher 3, and these choices have ramifications for how the story turns out.

It’s nice to play a game that has some grounding in the power of choice and morality. Makes it feel more real.

Convinced? Get The Witcher 3 now and enjoy it on your favorite gaming system!


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