Five Things To Do Before Bed for a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is so important for so many different reasons. Getting enough sleep boosts your overall mood, helps you maintain a lower weight, and supports everything you do during your day so you can do it all better. But for most adults, getting enough sleep can be a problem. Most adults report not getting the recommended amount of sleep each night. And, of course, different issues like chronic insomnia can make getting enough sleep even more challenging.

To help you get a better night’s sleep, however, here are five things to do before going to bed.

Turn Off the Electronics

So if you haven’t visited your eye doctor lately, you might not realize that actually the blue light emitted from screens can cause your brain to wake up. This is probably why it’s so easy to stay up late, late into the night playing video games, scrolling Instagram, or watching movies.

To counter this, why not try putting the electronics away an hour or more before bed? Try reading a book to unwind, or chatting about insignificant parts of your day with you significant other?

Don’t Talk About Serious Things

Ever had a really serious conversation and then found yourself unable to nod off? That’s pretty common. Even if you have an issue with someone, like your significant other or your kids, why not wait to raise it with them in the morning? Talking about serious or stressful topics can trigger fight or flight hormones which cause you to feel restless. It’s really the last thing you want to be doing right before surrendering yourself to sweet, sweet slumber.

Have a Snack

Did you know that having a midnight snack may actually help you sleep a little better?

Although it’s not ideal to eat a major meal right before bed, consuming smaller, carb rich snacks are the ideal pre-bed treat. The reason for this is that when you eat, your body actually releases hormones that signal that you are satisfied, helping your body relax into sleep. Carbohydrates are the best bet for a light snack before bed simply because it is easier for your body to digest than things like protein.

Eating before bed can also help you sleep through the night as your body will be less likely to feel hungry.


Despite the benefits that stem from religious practices, praying has similar mental benefits to meditating. It can help you gain perspective, and even increase your feeling of wellbeing. Also, praying can help ease anxiety and set your mind at ease – all things that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Speaking of hormones, those pesky fight or flight hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, are foiled by prayer. Studies show that prayer takes the edge off, helping to fight off stress and improve mood.

Wash Your Face

Another good thing to do before hitting the hay is washing your face. Washing your face clears it of those negative little things that can cause your skin to corrode overtime. Also, it’s important to have a routine. Having a nightly routine can help improve your ability to fall asleep, and the quality of your sleep once you actually do fall asleep.

Sleep is too important to neglect, and getting good sleep really starts with having good habits. What are some ways you’ve been able to boost your sleep?


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