Five Things to Do in California this Summer 2021


What a wild ride it’s been. Last year, fear and panic consumed the nation. As COVID-19 took over the majority of the news cycle, people everywhere wondered how long they would be under lockdown.

In response, people moved to new places. Those of us in California wondered if we should leave. The world, it felt, had turned upside down.

Now, things look different. The world is on the verge of opening up. June 15th is the newly anticipated day of opening for California. Finally, it’s safe to make those travel plans again.

But what should you do this summer?

Visit a Theme Park in California this Summer

Right now might just be the time to visit Disney Land. With theme parks being allowed to reopen, and capacities reduced to just 25%, guests can ride their favorite attractions without the wait.

The park is currently only open to California residents, so why not take advantage and plan a trip?

Before you go, however, take a look at what attractions are open, just in case your heart is set on a specific one that might be closed.

Additionally, theme parks like Universal Studios Hollywood are also open. So if you’ve ever dreamed of visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, now’s your chance!

Visit Family This Summer

Maybe you haven’t seen your extended family in some time. That’s understandable. But Summer 2021 could be the ideal time to reconnect. Find a time and a place to get quality time in with your loved one. Reach out to them and find out what they are and aren’t comfortable with. Don’t miss this chance to reconnect!

Go to the Beach

Last year, the beach’s experienced infrequent closures, sometimes on the busiest days of the year. With California reopening, it seems safe to assume that going to the beach is a real possibility. Pick out a beach spot not too far away, or read this list of the best beaches in California for inspiration.

Rethink Your Life

One of the best things to do this summer and any summer is to simply rethink your life. Wether that is contemplating a big life change, or tackling a new project, stop and take some time to think about where you are, and where you want to go!

Learn Something New this Summer

Sure, visiting new places and taking advantage of everything the Golden State has to offer can is great. But investing in yourself first this summer is also good. There are also plenty of benefits of learning something new – whether it be as simple as learning to cook a new dish, or diving deeper into a new skill that you’ve always been curious about.

Last summer might have been a tough time to be in California. But it doesn’t have to be that way this year. As mask mandates begin to lift, and life returns to normal, you can expect a surge of excitement revisiting your favorite places, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life in the Golden State.


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