It’s Back to Hogwarts Day 2022!

Back to Hogwarts Day 2022

Hey everyone. Today we are celebrating a very special day for Harry Potter fans around the world. It’s back to Hogwarts Day!

An emotional day for many of us, in this episode, our newly knighted Co-Host of Keeping Up with Joe, Michaela Loomis and I chat about some of our biggest feelings looking back at an impactful story and what it was like to live through the Harry Potter craze that still carries on through today.

We get into:

  • What does Back to Hogwarts Day mean for us.

  • How is reading Harry Potter as an adult different than when we were kids.

  • What are our takeaways from the first three books.

  • Is James Potter a good guy or a bad guy?

  • Does Snape suck or is he misunderstood?

We get into all of this and more as we head back to Hogwarts in episode 36 of Keeping Up with Joe.


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