Transitions in Your Twenties

Dealing with Transitions in Your Twenties

Dealing with Transitions in Your Twenties

If you’re a young adult, you should be used to transitions by now. Transitions are a huge part of your late teens and early twenties. You basically go from being a kid living with your parents to becoming a (somewhat) functioning adult in the span of a few years. Blink and before you know it you are twenty-seven and people are expecting you to actually know what you want to do with your life.

Loomis and I talk about transitions in this episode including:

  • Moving out for the first time.

  • Coping with transitions through literature and media.

And a bunch of other stuff.

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Moving Out of Home is the Most Difficult Time in Your Life

Studies show that the first time you leave the house and live on your own for the first time is one of the most stressful times in your life. For me, that meant leaving home, and living in a different country for two years, with only trips home for summer and winter breaks. For others, it could be joining the military, or maybe just getting used to living in a dorm a few miles away.

Either which way, living away from home for the first time is likely to happen in your twenties. It’s a difficult experience, but also an incredibly formational one.

Your Twenties are Strange Because Everyone is Doing Something Different

Unlike your teens, where everyone is doing relatively the same stuff, the twenties is a decade of change. You can’t expect everyone to be at the same point in life as you. Some people are married in their twenties, others live at home. Still, others are CEOs of their company, while many don’t get their first full time jobs until they are almost thirty!

While this can be confusing, try not to let it get to you. It also makes comparing yourself to others pointless.

Nostalgia Helps with Transitions

In the podcast, Loomis and I talk about how important it is to go back to literature and shows you used to like. In fact, nostalgia has an incredible ability to help us deal with transitions. It actually floods us with positive emotions and gives our life deeper meaning. Dealing with transitions in your twenties is challenging. Going back to things you love helps.

Investing In Yourself In Your Twenties Matters

Investing in yourself in your twenties matters. It’s not just a decade where we chill out and do nothing with our lives. It’s a time to build personal capital. Failing to make the most out of our lives in our twenties can actually have negative impacts later on.

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